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Nanofiltration by NanoCeramŽ Nanofilters and Virus Samplers - by Argonide Corp (USA)

argonide corp. nano filter material

argonide corp. nano filter material

NanoCeram® Nanofilters, Nanofiltration, and Virus Samplers - by Argonide Corp (USA).

NanoCeram® pleated nanofiltration filters are special electropositively charged nanofilters used in nanofiltration to filter out sub-micron particulates, turbidity, rust particles, iron bacteria, colloids, and microorganisms for drinking water, all reverse osmosis systems, and industrial process waters.

Fits most sizes of home water filters, counter top water filters, under sink water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, residential water treatment systems, well water treatment systems, Ultraviolet UV Water Purification Systems and the Argonide Biological Sampler Housings.

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Argonide NanoCeram Nanofiltration

NanoCeram® nanofiltration filters are a unique and patented technological breakthrough in nanotechnology and water filtration developed by Argonide Corp. (USA). NanoCeram filters are special electropositively charged nanofilters made out of nanomaterials and can be used for home water filtration, laboratory virus samplers, and industrial process water filtration when the removal of fine particulates, microorganisms, colloids or turbidity - from a few microns down to a few nanometers - is desired.

For instance, RO Membranes are highly sensitive to fouling and reduced efficiency caused by sub-micron particles, and the effectiveness and safety of UV Disinfection of Water is GREATLY enhanced when water turbidity is reduced to near-zero levels. In fact near-zero levels are a requirement for UV Disinfection to work properly.

NanoCeram filters will reduce Turbidity and sub-micron particles way down to near-zero values like no other filter can.

The sub-micron particles and colloids that pass right through your 1 micron and 0.35 micron filters will be efficiently removed by a NanoCeram pleated nanofilter.

NanoCeram® filters are also used for nanofiltration of rust particles, iron bacteria, turbidity (cloudiness), colloids, biological cysts, and bacteria.

Applications for the pleated NanoCeram include industrial water purification, prefiltration for reverse osmosis membranes, chemical and pharmaceutical processing, swimming pools, food and beverage manufacture, and much more.

The filter's high efficiency performance removal of sub-micron size particles results in longer filter life and more efficient performance for processes downstream.

This will also lower operating costs by reducing the energy required to push water through RO membranes,and because of less frequent R. O. membrane change outs.

Replaces the 1MDS by Cuno when used with an appropriate sized Filter Housing.

We are an authorized water filter distributor for Argonide Corp., and have excellent discount pricing every day.


  • NanoCeram® nanofiltration filters have a Nominal pore size of 2 microns which give them a high flow rate at minimal pressure drop, but are capable of removing 99.999% (5 LRV) of cysts and bacteria 1 - 4.3 microns in size.
  • NanoCeram® filters are capable of filtering particulates in water down to 0.2 microns (200 nanometers) Absolute due to the filter's highly electropositive charge. This electropositive charge is capable of attracting all negatively charged particles such as viruses, bacteria, cysts, protozoa and other particles in water down to 30 nanometers.
  • NanoCeram® exhibits an extremely high filtration efficiency, and will also filter out inorganic (silica) particles, natural organic matter (i.e.,humic acid) not typically removed by carbon, endotoxins, DNA, RNA, 25 nanometer viruses, etc.
  • NanoCeram® nanofilters deliver the ultimate performance in Turbidity Reduction to clarify water prior to contacting UV sterilization chambers, reverse osmosis membranes, and ½ micron carbon block filters.

All NanoCeram® Filters will be certified to:

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42 - Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects (Class I Particulate Reduction)
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53 - Drinking Water Treatment Units - Health Effects (Cyst Reduction)
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61 - Drinking Water System Components (Municipal drinking water treatment).

Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC):

  • The dirt holding / sediment loading capacity of NanoCeram filters is an amazing 580 mg/square inch of filter media!
  • The DHC of Microglass media is typically 26 mg/square inch, for Meltblown media is typically 3 mg/square inch, and for Membrane media is typically 2 mg/square inch.
  • This means the Dirt Holding Capacity of the NanoCeram® filter media are 22, 193, and 290 times greater than the conventional microglass, meltblown, and membrane media (respectively), providing a greatly extended life cycle and significant cost savings in sub-micron sized particulate removal.
  • For a 10" cartridge this translates into a total dirt-holding capacity of 261 grams, or just over a half pound.

Applications for Use:

  • Turbidity reduction before UV sterilization of water. When used as a sediment pre-filter, the nanofiltration of turbidity and particles will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the UV sterilization of water, because particulates and even turbidity will block and deflect the UV rays from reaching and penetrating all the biological pathogens at their maximum level of effectiveness.
  • NanoCeram can be used as the ultimate high efficiency sub-micron pre-filter /sediment filter for reverse osmosis membranes. NanoCeram will increase the efficiency of your RO membrane and help keep the RO membrane surface cleaner for longer periods of time. In industrial RO processes this will lower the energy cost of pushing the water through the membrane.
  • NanoCeram can be used as the ultimate high efficiency sub-micron (<1 micron) pre-filter /sediment filter for sub-micron carbon block filters as well. We are talking about carbon blocks with a Rating of 0.1-2 microns. It will help protect the carbon filter from fouling, reduce microorganisms reaching the filter, and help keep the filter cartridge cleaner for a longer period of time.
  • Note: We always recommend that you place at least a 5 micron sediment filter in front of any nanofilter or premature clogging of the nanofilter may occur due to its extremely high efficiency at capturing an expanded range of particulates. This will make the NanoCeram last longer and give you more economy. If your "dirt profile" shows you have a lot of particulates in the 1-5 micron range you should also add a 1 micron sediment filter before the NanoCeram
  • Manufacturer's Note: “Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts."
  • Laboratory E.P.A. VIRUS SAMPLING for water testing laboratories, drinking water treatment plants (DWTPs), and waste water treatment plants (WWTPs), we carry the special VS2.5-5 Virus Sampler Cartridge.

The VS2.5-5 NanoCeram® Cartridge is capable of meeting the rigid testing methodology for virus sampling as specified by the U.S. EPA.
(Click to see USEPA Methods of Virology, Chapter 14, April 2001)

  • Can be used to replace the 1-MDS Zetapor Virosorb filter (Cuno Product No. 45144-01-1MDS), which cost more than $175. each, thus offering a significant cost savings to water testing labs, public health department labs, DWTPs, WWTPs, and biological agents labs.
  • A single layer of the NanoCeram® electropositive non-woven pleated filter media retains over 99% of 30 nanometer monodisperse latex spheres or 25 nm virus, resulting in 0.03 micron rating. Able to sample greater than 500 L of turbid water within 1.5 hr, this 2.5" x 5" virus sampler is effective with fresh, brackish, or salt water with pH from 5-10 and temperatures from 4-50ºC.

NanoCeram® Nanofilters for Industrial Process Water and Cooling Towers

NanoCeram nanofilters by Argonide Corp. are your most effective and most sensible choice for industrial applications where you need to remove:

  • iron particulates (rust)
  • iron bacteria
  • sub-micron particles and colloids from your process water.

Applications that benefit immensely are:

  • cooling towers - removes rust, iron bacteria, and sub-micron particulates - protects system.
  • prefiltration for reverse osmosis membranes - improves efficiency, lowers energy costs
  • chemical and pharmaceutical processing
  • industrial water purification
  • industrial waste water filtering - removes insoluble particles that adversely affect your downstream filters or drives up your cost per gallon. One Example: removing insoluble radioactive compounds from sink drain water in a lab.
  • food and beverage manufacturing
  • swimming pools
  • air filtration - coming soon
  • cleaning coolants
  • microelectronics
  • drinking water purification
  • removing particulates from wastewater

Recommended Operating Parameters for Nanoceram Industrial Nanofiltration:

  • Working Pressure: 75 PSI or less.
  • Temperature Range: 39 - 135 F. degrees
  • Effective pH Range: 5 - 9.5
  • Differential Pressure indicating change-out: 20-25 PSI


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