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Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit for RO Water Systems and Filters

Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit
for RO Units with 1/4" Faucet Tubing,

uset for our SILVER 5 Stage RO Water System)
Item #: ROICEKIT14
Price: $35.00

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Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit

for RO Units with 3/8" Faucet Tubing,

use for our GOLD 5 Stage RO Water System)
Item #: ROICEKIT38
Price: $35.00

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Features of the premium RO Water System Ice Maker Kit:

  • This device is all you need to deliver purified water to your refrigerator.
  • This premium kit includes : choice of T-Connector, Ball Valve,high flow 3/8" O.D. water delivery tubing, and Adapter Connector to attach the tubing to the refrigerator.
  • This premium grade Ice Maker Kit features a 3/8" line going to the fridge.  This delivers more water flow with less resistance than a standard 1/4" line.  Contact us if you want a 1/4" line instead.

How to choose the correct RO Water System Ice Maker Kit:

  • Determine which size T-connector you need to insert into the RO to Faucet water line (or filtered water line on other filter systems). This tube will either be 1/4" or 3/8" (outer diameter) tubing.  Often this tube will have it's size printed on it.  Measure the tubing if you are not 100% sure.  We are talking about the tube that connects directly to the faucet, and carries the purified water.  Specifically for RO systems, this is the tube that connects from the Inline GAC Filter to the Faucet. On our RO systems this is a blue tube. This is not the tube that connects to the pressure tank. 
  • Do not pass RO water through copper tubing.
  • CAUTION: A few ice makers/refrigerators contain a water supply shut-off valve in the ice maker that will require a specific water pressure in the delivery line from the RO system in order to shut off the water.  If the water does not shut off then catastrophic flooding will occur.  With these types of refrigerators, you may need to order an optional Variable Speed Pump ($190.) installed onto the blue tube (RO to Faucet) that will guarantee 40 PSI of line pressure to the refrigerator, at a variable speed.  This is usually not an issue for standard carbon block filter systems.  Install at your own risk.  Contact the manufacturer of your refrigerator to be sure.


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