Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems by Titan™

These reliable, high performance TitanT Reverse Osmosis Systems are Made In The USA and are known for their computer aided design, quality components, and rugged dependable performance. Titan RO Systems are designed for higher recovery rates, minimum energy consumption, continuous commercial duty, and ease of use. Easy maintenance and operation. Titan RO Systems have all of their components strategically located for easy access and inspection. All Titans come with a built-in commercial duty booster pump, and a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Each TitanT RO System comes STANDARD with:

  • TFC HF1 membranes for high flow and maximum rejection of impurities. (Tolerates up to 15 GPG Total Hardness.)
  • HF1 polyamide membranes are High Flow Low Energy Membranes known for reliability and high performance. Each membrane is individually tested and sanitized.
  • Tool-free operation membrane housings (with Stainless steel option) for easy replacement of membranes.
  • Commercial Duty Fluid-O-Tech brass rotary vane pressure booster pump for continuous duty . Built in!
  • Aluminum Frame is white powder-coated (floor mount stand)
  • Big Blue-sized Sediment Filter for high flow rates (full-flow)
  • Big Blue-sized Carbon Block for high flow rates (full-flow)
  • Big Blue (Full-Flow) sized filter housings with double o-ring seals!
  • 3 Pressure Gauges: a 0-300 PSI pressure gauge for the system's operating pressure and 2 top mount dry gauges on the filter housings to monitor the sediment and carbon filter's performance.
  • Low Pressure Switch: Safety device to protect the pump from running dry when there is insufficient feed water pressure.
  • Solenoid Valve: One solenoid valve with manual override (110 or 220 volt, 50 or 60 Hz.)
  • Manual Flush Valve: One brass needle valve to regulate the product to waste ratio (system's recovery).
  • Manual ON and OFF switch.
  • The larger units come with even more standard features, so please download the Product Sheet pdf file to veiw all the Standard
  • Features your system comes with and to view the System Operating Specifications.

Titan Systems OPTIONAL Features:

  • High Pressure Switch (Titan 500-40,000) by Square-D. For hooking unit up to a bladder pressure tank. Automatically starts when the tank pressure falls below 40 PSI and stops when the pressure reaches 60 PSI. We recommend the Fiberglass Bladder Tanks for RO water.
  • Float Switch: Mechanical Float Switch for atmospheric storage tank applications: $70.
  • Extra Low Energy Membranes: These produce the same quality water but typically lower the membrane's required pressure from 150 PSI to 100 PSI, thus significantly reducing electrical consumption, and allows for higher flow rates with colder water. Highly Recommended.
  • Stainless Steel Membrane Housings, 2.5" diameter for (Titan 500-2500):
  • Stainless Steel Membrane Housings, 4 " diameter for (Titan 4000-20,000):
  • Stainless Steel Pumps for very high Chloride levels
  • Flow Meters: (Titan 500-2500) one Product Flow Meter & one Waste Flow Meter enables operator to accurately adjust Product to Waste Ratio and monitor system's performance. (FREE for Titan 4000 and larger.)
  • Concentrate Recirculate: (Titan 500-7,000) This feature offers a higher recovery rate for the system by taking a % of the waste water and feeding it back into the system. Great for water conservation goals.
  • Concentrate Recirculate with Flow Meter: (Titan 10,000-20,000) This feature offers a higher recovery rate for the system by taking a % of the waste water and feeding it back into the system. Great for water conservation goals.
  • TDS Meter ( Titan 500-2500) - Panel Mount TDS Meter provides you with accurate readings of product water quality. Comes FREE with the Titan 4000 and larger models.
  • Auto-Flush - (Titan 4,000 - 20,000) Automatically flushes the system's membranes with the feedwater, thus extending membrane life.
  • 3 Phase Pump (Titan 10,000-15,000) :
  • NanoCeramŽ Nanofilter to pretreat water and reduce turbidity to near-zero levels, as well as reduce the organic load, reduce submicron particulates (0-5 microns), bacteria, and virus particles. Allows RO membranes to breathe easier, work more efficiently, use less pump energy, and last longer.
  • RO Mate 15-80 gallon Fiberglass Pressure Tank - use with optional High Pressure Switch
  • Atmospheric Storage Tank, (25 gal. - 10,000 Gallons) - use with optional Float Switch
  • UV Disinfection Treatment: In some parts of the world, bacterial bioslime fouling and virus growth may be a problem for the filter cartridges in front of the RO membrane, and even for the membrane. In this case the RO system would benefit from a Pre-Treatment with UV preceding the RO system. For protecting everything and everyone downstream of the RO system, a Post Treatment with UV can be inserted inline, typically after the storage tank.