Deluxe 3 Stage Microbiological Carbon Purifier System

microbiological purifier


(with cartridges)

Price: $227.00

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We've engineered this system to give you superior performance and to be the finest Microbiological Carbon Purifier on the market. Provides highly effective and dependable protection against Virus, Bacteria, and Cysts without electricity combined with super reduction of chlorine, taste, and odors.

  • A great water filter system for problematic potable drinking water supplies such as drinking water in New Orleans and drinking water in Mexico, or for any application where protection against water-borne microorganisms is desired.
  • Features a beautiful Faucet you will enjoy using , not the usual cheap generic.
  • Features a 1/2" Hex Feed water supply adapter with premium metal ball valve for a top quality connection.
  • Double pass carbon filtration ( 2 premium carbon blocks) for superb drinking water quality!
  • This premium System is complete and includes:
    • Stage 1: Our special Sediment Filter for super sediment protection.
    • Stage 2: Our special Carbon Block cartridge
    • Stage 3: Microbiological Interception Carbon Block Cartridge. Lasts 6 months/2000 gallons and requires no electricity. Physically captures and removes the following microorganisms:
      • Bacteria 99.9999%
      • Viruses 99.99%
      • Cysts 99.95%
      • Also Removes: Salmonella, E-coli, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus, Enteric Viruses, Legionella, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, and many more dangerous microorganisms!
  • The Microbiological Interception Carbon Block Filter removes chlorine, taste, odors, bacteria, virus, cysts, Lead, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • The only non-electric water filter in the world that actually removes VIRUSES from drinking water for less than thousands of dollars.
  • Hardware: Our Deluxe Filter System features all high-tech fittings, Solid Steel mounting bracket, beautiful faucet, tubing, and detailed Installation and Operation Instructions
  • Minimum Pressure Required: 20 PSI.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 90 PSI
  • This is a premium quality, Made in USA, custom built just after you order, and fully customizable UV Water Filter. Call us if you wish to add UV before or after the system.
  • Also available as a 4 Stage, 5 Stage, and 6 Stage with Double Microbiological Cartridges for SUPER Enhanced protection against microbes!  Call us.

Replacement disposable Sediment Filters.  Highly recommended.  Keep extras.

(Stage 1) Sediment Filter #JMP3SSF-S1
Price: $3.50 each

Replacement (Stage 2) Carbon Block.   Replace every 12 months or sooner.

(Stage 2) Carbon Block #JMP3SCB-S2
Price: $18.00 each

Replacement WP2-BVC Microbiological Interceptor Carbon Block.  Replace every 6 months or 2000 Gal.  This will cause a significant pressure drop when dirty.

(Stage 3) WP2-BVC 6 month Microbiological Interceptor Carbon Block
Item # 101003
Price: $24.95

Click to Build Add-ons :

Add an ice maker connection kit, all you need to deliver purified water to your refrigerator!

Add a Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit for 1/4" Faucet Tubing
Item #: ROICEKIT14
Price: $25.00

Install a System Pressure Gauge so you know when your filter cartridges are getting dirty. A very handy option!

Add a (0-150 PSI) System Pressure Gauge to my filter system
Item # INPG150
Price: $23.

Install a Filtamate™ 85 PSI Pressure Limiting Valve to my system. Highly recommended to protect against common rogue water pressure spikes.

Add a Filtamate™ 85 PSI Pressure Limiting Valve
Item # INFPLV85
Price: $22.

Install a Digital Flow Meter & Gallons Counter (Totalizer). Tells you your exact Flow Rate and counts how many Gallons your filter cartridges have processed so you can replace them before they expire.  Click Here for more info.

Add a Digital Flow Meter/Totalizer to my system.
Item #: DFM
Price: $55.

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