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Backwashing Whole House Carbon Water Filter

Click Here if you are looking for Cartridge-Based whole house carbon filters.

Our automatic backwashing carbon water filters give your entire household cleaner, better tasting water with less chlorine, taste, odors, and contaminants. They also give you a healthier shower experience if your shower water contains Byproducts of Chlorination such as Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids at unhealthy levels.

Backwashing Carbon Filters save you money on carbon filtration. These premium whole house carbon filters feature the famous Fleck 5600 Mechanical Timer (3/4” Inlet/Outlet) and Fleck 7000 Digital Timer (1” Inlet/Outlet) control valves for great performance and reliability, and premium (made in USA) activated carbons by Calgon Carbon. We use several types of high quality carbon, listed here. Also, properly sizing your whole house carbon filter is important, so we've created a must-read guide that helps you do this.

Important: Click here for installation instructions if you have a water softener OR a Chlorine Injection System.

For specific contaminant problems, working with catalytic carbon, or if you need higher-capacity systems, call us at 210-568-3628 for technical assistance.

Don't forget to go through our important consumer advice on Backwashing Carbon Filter Systems!

carbon water filter


Fleck 5600 Mechanical Timer Carbon Filter Systems

  • Fleck 5600 control valve with simple mechanical dials and bypass
  • 3/4” Male NPT thread Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • 1, 1.5, or 2 cubic feet of premium activated carbon
  • set timer to regenrate carbon every 2-3 days
  • choose from premium Calgon acid-washed Bituminous Carbon or vegetable derived Coconut Shell GAC carbon
  • FREE DELIVERY within the continental USA on smaller sizes

fleck 5600



carbon water filter



Fleck 7000 Digital Timer Carbon Filter Systems

  • Fleck 7000 has a fully digital control valve with bypass
  • 1” Inlet/Outlet Connections for higher flowrates and also larger houses. Optional 1.25” and 1.5” plastic and brass sweat connections are available.
  • Digital timer puts no work on the motor that controls the mechanical piston that regulates the operation cycles, allowing for a potentially longer service life of the motor.
  • set timer to regenrate carbon every 2-3 days
  • 1cf., 1.5cf., 2cf., 2.5cf. 3cf., or 4cf. (cubic feet) carbon tank sizes
  • 3 choices of different premium carbons are available.
  • FREE DELIVERY within the continental USA on smaller sizes



watts premier reverse osmosis system


Replacement Carbon Media

These replacement carbon media are intended for your Backwashing Carbon water filter system.  If you are putting together a heavy media order, call us at 210-568-3628 to see if we can save you money on shipping. 

Available Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Media

  • Calgon (Acid-washed) Bituminous (coal-based)
  • Calgon Coconut Shell Carbon (vegetable derived)
  • Centaur Catalytic Carbon (special reactive)
  • Underbed Gravel
  • call us if you need something different


By purchasing these units you agree to abide by these terms:

Prices are subject to change without notice. 
We reserve the right to change incorrectly priced items, or refuse the sale.

For Professional Installation and Setup Only.  Failure to do so may void your Manufacturer's Warranty.

Please shop responsibly.  Backwashing carbon units are non-returnable, no refunds.

These units are Warrantied against material and manufacturing defects by the manufacturers only, and are subject to the manufacturer's Warranty Conditions.