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Chemical Injection Pumps - Self-Priming

Use for Chlorine or Antiscalant Solutions

  • Chem Tech Prime Performance Pump with 15 Gal. Solution Tank.

    Used for Chlorination OR for adding Antiscalant solution.

  • Injects a small amount of sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite solutions (liquid bleach) into your water lines.   Allows for adjustable chlorine dosing.

  • Use for chlorinating your own water, including problematic well water.  Professional Installation and setup is recommended.

  • Performance Advisory Notice for Chlorination: You should follow this unit with at least a 40 gallon "retention tank" that gives the chlorine more contact time with the water.  This makes the chlorine work better, and is especially important for treating microorganisms, as well as iron, manganese, and sulfides. Use an even larger tank for more contact time or higher flow rates.
  • Performance Advisory Notice: Water softener resin and RO Membranes are destroyed by chlorine.  You need to remove all chlorine before allowing it to contact these types of systems.   You can do this with a Backwashing Carbon Filter or a cartridge type carbon filter.
  • Use to boost the oxidation performance of Filox-R® media for dissolved iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal.  This is necessary when your water's Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Value is below 0 millivolts 
  • Note: If you do not want to use chlorine to oxidize the water, use our Venturi Air Injector.  

  • Call us at 210-568-3628 for assistance or orders.

  • Important Health Advisory Notice: Be sure to remove ALL of the chlorine and unhealthy Chlorine Byproducts before drinking the water.  Chlorine reacts with trace organic chemicals in water to form cancer-causing compounds which must be completely removed before drinking the water. You may install a 3 stage Point of Use carbon filter just before drinking, to remove harmful chlorine byproducts from the water. For this purpose, you can purchase our high performance under sink carbon filter .  Use at your own risk.  For health reasons, drinking water going into the human body (or animals) should measure 0 ppm of Total Chlorine and 0 ppm Free Chlorine at all times.

Injection Pump with 15 Gal. Solution Tank


 Price: Approx. $400. (prices vary)

and Solution Tank

(Item #:CTPF30-110)

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*Slower feed rates such as 4-17 GPD are also available.*

Note:  Often RO Systems will use a 4 GPD Pump.

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(not pictured)   Premium Fiberglass 40 Gallon Retention Tank

# CT-40      Price: call

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  • Retention Tank is PREMIUM Fiberglass construction, made by Structural (Pentair)
  • Allows chlorine to have more contact time with the water.   This is important for disinfection!
  • Inlet: 1.25" Socket Weld Fitting (uses PVC Glue)
  • Outlet: 1.25" Male NPT (pipoe thread)
  • Approx. Tank Dimensions: 16" Wide x 57" Tall.
  • Install downstream of (immediately after) the chlorine injection.
  • Larger sizes are available.

Technical Details and Operating Conditions:

  • A residual Free Chlorine level of 3-5 ppm in contact with water for at least 1 minute will typically provide proper disinfection.  (More time and 5 ppm may be required for cold water.)  Measure the residual Free Chlorine with test strips and adjust the chlorine dosing on the pump. Remove ALL of the chlorine and chlorine byproducts before drinking the water.
  • To create a solution of 1-2 ppm Free Chlorine in the 15 gal. Tank , add 2 Gal. of household bleach to 8 Gal. of treated water.  (Treated means softened or carbon purified.)
  • Be sure to install a Point of Use chlorine removal filter just before drinking, to remove harmful chlorine byproducts from the water. For this purpose, you can purchase our high performance countertop carbon filter or under sink carbon filter
  • If you have a water softener and if you are using the chlorine to boost a Filox-R oxidation system: This translates into the following arrangement: 1) chlorine injection,  2) Filox-R Oxidation System,  3) whole house GAC carbon cartridge or Backwashing Carbon System,  4) water softener system  5) RO System or point of use carbon filter at sink.


Antiscalant Solutions for RO Systems:

Contact us at 210-568-3628 for additional products to address other foulants.
Pretreat Plus 0100
Pretreat Plus 0200
Pretreat Plus 0300
Pretreat Plus 0400

Pretreat Plus Y2K

Pretreat Plus Silica

Pretreat Plus Iron

Pretreat Plus 1100

Pretreat Plus NSF

Best Selection =       Good Impact  =        Minimal Impact = 

All products listed above are compatible for use with Thin Film Composite and Cellulose Acetate Membranes from all major membrane manufacturers.


King Lee PreTreat Plus 0100, Concentrate, 5 Gal. Pail: only $335.00

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