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Home Water Softener Systems (fully automatic):

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How Home Water Softener Systems Work:

  • a water softener removes hardness and iron from your houshold water very effectively
  • it uses special electrically charged plastic resin beads to capture the hardness and iron from the water
  • these resin beads typically last for 15-20 years, and are easily replaced if needed.
  • a system will automatically "regenerate" only when it needs to by flushing the hardness and iron off the resin beads with salt water, and then rinsing the saltwater and hardness down the drain.
  • This process consumes water and salt.
  • you will have to add typically 1-4 bags of salt pellets to the "brine tank" every month.  It's funny how no one selling water softeners likes to mention this!
  • a bag of water softening salt pellets costs about $4.59 for 40 lbs. 

The Benefits of Soft Water vs. Hard Water:

  • Soft water feels so much better and "cleaner" on your skin and hair during baths and showers and leaves skin less dry and irritated.
  • soaps and detergents will dissolve quicker, work better, and not form soap curd, allowing you to use less! 
  • a home water softener system greatly extends the energy efficiency and the service life of hot water heaters by preventing damaging scale buildup.
  • water softener systems greatly extend the service life of dishwashers, washing machines, and coffee pots as well, by preventing damaging scale buildup
  • eliminates the formation of hardness scale within water pipes  which causes water flow restriction over time, eventually requiring complete replacement of the pipes.
  • eliminates grimey scum buildup in toilets, in bathtubs, and on shower tiles
  • water softening will put a tiny amount of sodium in your water, but you won't be able to taste it.   It's funny how no one else will mention this!  (Who's on your side?)
  • if you are on a prescribed "sodium restricted diet", a Reverse Osmosis water purification system will efficiently remove 98% of that sodium, along with the aluminum and fluoride you usually get from your water purification plant.


  2 Options to Purify the Water and Remove Chlorine, Organic Contaminants, Sediments, Cloudiness (Turbidity), etc.:

  • the water softener tank with the resin beads removes none of these contaminants
  • only an optional additional system with activated carbon will do this
  • To " polish " and " clarify " your household water, as well as reduce chemical contaminants such as chlorine, chlorine byproducts, organic contaminants, bad taste, odors, rust, sediments, and sometimes even sulfides, you can install install one of our premium performance activated carbon Whole House Water Filter Systems for typically $290, but up to $410 if you choose. 
  • These are all super heavy-duty high-performance systems.
  • Installing a Whole House Water Filter Systems or even a (single stage) Whole House Particulate Water Filter "upstream" of your water softener will keep your softener system cleaner and also help the water softener to work better if you have rust and sediments in your water.
  • This will cost you a lot less money up front, but will require you to wash and reuse the economical sediment filter cartridge with a garden hose when it's dirty, and also buy a new carbon block cartridge when it's capacity in gallons has been reached (typically 40,000 - 150,000).
  • This type of system also allows you to perform any degree of super-fine filtration down to 1 micron Absolute or even more if desired, removing microrganisms such as chlorine-resistant CYSTS.
  • Your other option is to install a Backwashing Carbon Filter after your water softener that uses GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) poured into a "mineral tank" that looks identical to the tank that holds your water softening resin beads.
  • These Backwashing Carbon Filter Systems start at $595.00, and will be listed on this page soon, but can be ordered from us at any time by phone.
  • A Backwashing Carbon Filter System requires a bit more money up front, but can save you money over the years because the GAC carbon is automatically cleaned and reused over and over by "backwashing" it with plain water and flushing the contaminants down the drain.  This process consumes only water.
  • A Backwashing Carbon Filter System uses granular activated carbon (GAC) which is a different animal than a rock hard carbon block filter made out of highly compressed activated carbon powder.
  • water quality issues such as such as rotten egg smell, dissolved iron taste, etc. would require that you get a sample of your water and have it analyzed because your mineral tank media will be custom engineered for your house and your water.

Our home water softeners feature premium quality Watts and Fleck Controller Valves, which is the heart of all home water softener systems! 

 Many water-softener companies charge thousands of dollars for a system that performs no better than this, but they will use lots of sales hype, entensive sales presentations, and human persuasion tactics to convince you otherwise.   

We buy our systems from a top-notch manufacturer who makes the same water softener system for the other famous companies that charge many times more than we do.  The manufacturer's engineering department tells us there is no difference in quality or performance.  The real difference is simply the name and the price tag.

Call us at 210-568-3628 to order any of these home water softeners so we can be sure you have the proper system for your house.

Tip: Choose an inlet size at least as big as your water supply pipe going into the system.



Watts W100-SM Series Water Softener System, Complete

with versatile Digital Control Valve and 1 " or 1.5" ports :

30,000 grain capacity Only $678.00    Why pay thousands?   

45,000 grain capacity Only $725.00    Why pay thousands?  

60,000 grain capacity Only $785.00    Why pay thousands?  

90,000 grain capacity Only $915.00    Why pay thousands?  


Watts W100SM Water Softener

  • This is a 2006 system, not an old outdated technology we're trying to get rid of.
  • Fully automatic softener with the user friendly Digital Programmable Metered Valve, Simple Electronic.
  • Very easy for plumbers and consumers to operate.
  • Digital Programmable Metered Valve monitors the gallons of water processed and automatically provides "on demand" regeneration of the softening resin only when it's needed. 
  • Even allows us to program the salt consumption per regeneration cycle, allowing us to set your salt consumption to maximum efficiency / minimum consumption.
  • 30,000, 45,000, 60,000, and 90,000Grain Hardness Capacity before regeneration cycle automatically activates.
  • Watts is an industry leader in water softeners and makes water softeners for several famous name brand companies.  This unit is the same quality as a name brand unit selling for several times the price.
  • Stainless Steel bypass valve, Noryl valve body, FRP corrosion-resistant mineral tank,
  • polyethylene brine tank with grid plate and safety brine valve with air check.
  • 1" or 1.5" inlet size. 
  • brine tank is 18 x 40" and holds 400 lbs. of salt
  • High capacity softening resin will typically last you about 15 - 20 years before being replaced
  • Ships complete with everything except the salt.
  • Iron levels of 3 ppm or more require intervention, as this can interfere with the softening. 
  • Call us to ORDER and confirm you have selected the right capacity for your household.
  • FIRST contact your local water department and ask them for the Hardness (ppm) and Iron (ppm) content of your tap water.  We need to know this!  Or have your private well tested for this.
  • Call us at 210-568-3628 Mon. - Fri. (9 AM - 5 PM) CST for Orders and/ or assistance.



Fleck 7000 Digital Water Softener System

Fleck 7000 Digital Water Softener System


Fleck 7000 Digital Water Softener System, Complete with 1 or 1.5" " ports:

30,000 grain capacity Only $694.00    Why pay thousands?   

45,000 grain capacity Only $727.00    Why pay thousands?  

60,000 grain capacity Only $797.00    Why pay thousands? 90,000 grain capacity Only $1024.00    Why pay thousands?

  • digital interface is easy enough for a child to program
  • program once and the system is fully automatic for the rest of time
  • uses a maximum of 7 watts of power



Systems are stocked in our San Antonio-TX, Phoenix-AZ, and Dunnellon-FL distribution warehouses to save you money on shipping.

Call us at 210-568-3628 to order any of these home water softeners so we can be sure you will have the proper system for your house.

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