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These links are provide for people who wish to learn more about drinking water and it's issues.  We are not affiliated with these websites in any way, nor do we endorse them in any way.

Index of Drinking Water Publications (a Must See!)

Health Effects of Drinking Water Contaminants

Volatile Organic Compunds In Drinking Water

Iron and Manganese In Water

Home Drinking Water Treatment Systems

Emergency Drinking Water Supplies

Water Quality and Waste Management Homepage



U.S. EPA - Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

U.S. EPA - Drinking Water Standards

U.S. EPA - Drinking Water Contaminants and their MCLs

U.S. EPA - Drinking Water Pathogens And Their Indicators



New Jersey Dept. of Health - Facts about VOCs IN Drinking Water

Volatile Organic Compunds In Drinking Water



Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality - Mercury Strategy and Fish Consumption

March Of Dimes - Mercury and Pregnancy

Purdue University - Mercury Sources In The Environment

American Psychological Association - Even A Bit Of Lead Is Bad For A Kid's Psychological Developement

Consumer Law Page - Birth Defects Caused By Herbicides, Pesticides, and Industrial Chemicals That Disrupt The Endocrine System.

Drinking Water In The Great Lakes (USA)

Natural Resources Defense Council - Arsenic In Drinking Water

U.S. EPA - Arsenic In Drinking Water

World Health Organization -  Arsenic In Drinking Water


Environmental Working Group - National Tap Water Quality Database

Environmental Working Group - Find A Contaminant

Environmental Working Group - Various News Clips from aroung the country related to drinking water isssues.

50 Reasons to oppose Fluoridation of Drinking Water


World Health Organization - Bioterrorism

UCLA - Epidemiologic Information on Bioterrorism

Union of Concerned Scientists - FDA Preserves Antiviral Drugs For Avian Flu Forum, a non-profit corporation, thanks all peer reviewed and professional journals, online news services, and all other contributors for their contributions to this humanitarian site dedicated to help lessen morbidity and mortality.



Information on Residential Well Water and Problems to be aware of



Do you need a water softener?


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Water Filters
Water Filters and Filtration Systems and Water Purifying units from Aquasana Water in the UK

Water Treatment Books

Offers e-books on boiler, cooling, waste and drinking water treatment.


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Swimming Equipment:

HomeSwimmer provides high quality fitness swimming gear and portable stationary swimming equipment for the enhancement of swimming workout at affordable rates.

Water Distillers

Leading Providers of top quality distillers for pure water. Produces a 1 gallon batch of clean, pure water in just 4 hours!

Water Filtration Systems
Premiere Sales is a leading Water Purification Company that provides consumers and business with a wide range of Water Filter Systems including Replacement Water Filters, Drinking Water Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems and more from major brands.

Commercial Refrigeration

Rudy's offers a full range of refrigeration products including  walk-in coolers, freezers, and freezer/cooler combination cold rooms.

Fiberglass Pools

Midwest Pools is the leading builders & distributors of fiberglass swimming pools. Call us now for a unique backyard for residential & commercial use.

Body Guard -  Philippines Water Purifier Provider

Proudly Philippine made water purifier that provides
 world class quality centralized water filtration Systems.


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