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Omnipure Refrigerator Water Filter
Omnipure Refrigerator / Ice Maker GAC inline filters

Shower Water Filter
Shower Water Filter

(High Performance)

Dual Media [Carbon + KDF]



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Omnipure Refrigerator Water Filter

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OmniPure® Inline GAC Carbon Filter

for RO Systems and Refrigerators

These are premium quality dual-purpose 10” GAC Inline Water Filter Cartridges.  Omnipure is the world leader in GAC Inline Water Filter Cartridge technology.

  • Use as a Post RO Polishing Filter in all Ro Systems to improve water quality.
  • Use as an Inline Refrigerator Water Filter to improve water quality.
  • Removes > 95% Chlorine, Taste, and Odors for 1500 gallons.
  • Features premium Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Replace at least every 12 months for RO systems.
  • Replace at least every 6 months for refrigerators.
  • Our Ro Systems use this 1/4” Female NPT style.
10” Inline GAC Filter with 1/4” Female NPT Threads
Item: K2540
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Shower Water Filter

(shower head not included)
Item: SFDB
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Shower Water Filter   (Carbon + KDF)
plus Backwash Adapter for self-cleaning function.

It is well known that taking a shower with chlorinated tap water releases chlorine, chlorine by-products, and many other trace pollutants into the air you breathe- which is then inhaled directly into your bloodstream.

This dual media shower water filter will reduce your exposure to the chlorine and organic pollutants normally released into the air you breathe during your shower.

This high performance shower filter contains a dual layer of:

  • KDF media to remove chlorine, PLUS
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to remove chlorine and organic contaminants.  Only carbon removes the organic contaminants!  Other medias do not.
  • KDF layer (copper/zinc) neutralizes the chlorine thus keeping the carbon active for longer.
  • Activated Carbon reduces chlorine byproducts and organic chemicals.  Not too many other medias do this!  They usually just neutralize free chlorine!  This is a hard to find media combination.
  • Performs much better on organic chemicals than the [pure KDF filters] on the market.
  • Holds much more media than most other filters on the market! These are heavy (1 Lb.) !  And it's all from the media.
  • Includes a Backwash (reverse flow) Adapter to maximize performance by allowing you to flush out and clean the filter media.
  • Backwash for 5 min. every 4 months for maximum performance.
  • Disposable.  Lasts for 1 year.  Economical.  Effective.
  • Installs easily in seconds. Simply insert between your existing shower head and the water pipe as shown in photo.
  • Shower head is not included.


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