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Contact Us:
Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5:30  PM (USA-Central Time)
In the USA: 210-568-3628 
Calling From Mexico (Distrito Federal): 5350-6590
Janerotech Inc. San Antonio, TX
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About Us:

A Letter From The President:

  Janerotech Inc. is a dynamic science-based company with a state-of -the-art approach on drinking water purification combined with old school values about taking care of our customers.

  Located in San Antonio, this company is founded upon the principle of staying on top of evolving technologies and bringing you excellent quality residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment products and systems at affordable prices. 

About 90% of our water filtration products are made in the USA by the finest manufacturers in the industry, and this money stays in the USA and supports jobs in the USA.

Thank you for your kind interest in us.  We are here to serve you Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5:30 PM (USA-Central Time) and can be reached at 210-568-3628 if you have any questions or comments.

Mark Anderson
President, Janerotech Inc.

Our Privacy Policy:

We are absolutely committed to your right to privacy and the confidentiality of any information you give us.

  • All credit card transactions are conducted through a Secure Server using high level data encryption technology.
  • We do not keep any record of your credit card numbers or even write them down during telephone orders as it is sent directly to the credit card processing company at your time of purchase and not to us.
  • We do not give or sell ANY of your personal information, addresses, or email addresses to advertisers or so called "affiliates".

Making a Purchase:

  • You may place orders with us through the telephone if you prefer.  Call us Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5:30  PM (USA-Central Time) at 210-568-3628. We are happy to assist you.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo on them.
  • See our Privacy Policy, above.
  • Your purchase will appear on your credit card statement as Janerotech Inc.

Shipping Policy:

  • Orders placed before 11 AM will often be packaged and shipped often the same day it was placed, or else usually the following business day for later orders.
  • Orders are typically shipped by UPS (United Parcel Service) and a UPS Tracking # will be sent to your email so that you may track the delivery progress of your package.  Larger or heavier items will sometimes ship by freight truck.   We will arrange for all deliverys for all orders.   You may ask that we use a specific shipping carrrier of your choosing.
  • Fed Ex shipping is available, if needed. Call us.
  • We ship orders internationally.
  • We only charge you the delivery fee that UPS/ Fed Ex charges us, based on total box weight, dimensions, dimensional weight, value of item, and destination.  We ship with insurance.
  • Before and during holidays standard shipping times can take up to 3 additional days.
  • To save you money, some systems ship direct from the manufacturer and may require 1 additional day for processing and assembly.
  • For International Shipments the customer is responsible for any and all additional transportation broker fees, duties, government taxes, etc.. that may be incured during the delivery and export/import process. 

Damaged Goods / Concealed Damage Policy:

  • #1 Best Option:  To get the most hassle free reimbursement for shipping damages would require that you follow these procedures when receiving a delivery from us.  This procedure is the standard operating procedure of the delivery insurance used by all the shipping carriers.  1) Inspect your merchandise thoroughly for damage immediately upon arrival (delivery) and reject the whole shipment if you find any damage.  Ask the driver to wait while you inspect the merchandise.  2) If you find any damage, do not accept the delivery, and 3) immediately file a Damage Claim with the delivery carrier on the same day as the delivery.   Try to take a digital photo of the damage if you can.  Then please contact us immediately by phone at 210-568-3628 for assistance and further instructions.
  •  Legitimate damage claims will be promptly processed to either get full payment for the damaged product from the delivery insurance or a replacement from the manufacturer.  Refusing the shipment will protect you against having to pay the return shipping.  All shipping fees are always the responsibilty of the customer.  When the manufacturer receives the "damaged goods" they will always perform a detailed analysis of the damaged product claim and determine if the product was damaged during or after install or if the product was damaged during the actual transportation. 
  • Less Desirable Option: If you get a delivery of damaged goods and the driver already left, this is called Concealed Damage. Contact the delivery company the same day and file a Concealed Damage Claim.  Then also contact us that same day at 210-568-3628 for assistance and further instructions.  The manufacturer or delivery carrier will intiate a paperwork process and instruct you to send the goods back to the manufacturer - sometimes at your expense until the damage is inspected.   All shipping fees are always the responsibilty of the customer.  When the manufacturer receives the "damaged goods" they will always perform a detailed analysis of the damaged product claim and determine if the product was damaged during or after install or if the product was damaged during the actual transportation. 
  • If you have a digital camera, take a snapshot of the damage as Proof/Evidence before it departs and email it to us as soon as possible.  We will always assist you with your claim and good photos helps us do that.
  • Our email for all correspondance and photos is


Published Prices/ Price Changes /Product Availabilty:

  • Prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases or availability conditions.
  • We reserve the right to change incorrect prices that are accidentally published on our website (very rare).
  • If a price needs to be changed after an order is placed, we will always contact our customer before proceding.  Our customer can choose to either pay the corrected price or we will politely issue the customer a 100% refund immediately - your choice.  This almost never happens.
  • If a product is Unavailable or out of stock, we reserve the right to issue the customer an immediate 100% refund and not fulfill the order. This almost never happens.

Our Returns Policy:

  • Be assured that we are an honest and fair company that works very hard to bring you only top quality products from the finest manufacturers in the water industry.  These top quality products should give you many many years of excellent service if you install, set up, operate and maintain them as directed.
  • The following policies apply to ALL products we sell and certain limitations and protections are simply necessary to protect us.
  • ALL Refunds are only handled through the terms and conditions of the Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Almost everything we sell is covered by a Manufacturer's Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship when the product is properly installed by a qualified water service professional.  Manufacturers may deny your warranty claim if they find the product was improperly installed, damaged, or abused.
  • Perfectly new unused items, that were recently bought, in original packaging, with no damage or missing parts are sometimes accepted for return by the manufacturer.  Customer pays all shipping fees.   We will assist our customers in getting a return from the manufacturer, but cannot guarantee any refund.
  • Solely at our option and based on the specific circumstances, in situations we deem appropriate, we may elect to issue a a replacement, a partial replacement, a reasonable and acceptable substitute, a full refund, or a refund minus a 25% or more restocking fee.  (Damaged or worn goods and missing components will incur higher restocking fees if accepted at all for return.)
  • No Returns on custom ordered products, special orders, RO Systems, filter cartridges, and membranes (for public safety and tampering reasons).
  • All shipments are always delivered to you with Delivery Insurance.  The delivery insurance is solely responsible for all damage during delivery.  We are not responsible for any delays incurred during the Delivery of goods or consequences of the delay.
  • Products with a Manufacturer's Warranty are subject to the discretion and return policies of the MANUFACTURER and are subject to whatever restocking fee that the manufacturer charges, typically 20%.  If the manufacturer accepts the product for return, the customer may be responsible for all shipping charges to the manufacturer, unless the manufacturer decides to pay shipping charges, now or later. 
  • We do not not reimburse customers for any shipping charges or any other expenses the consumer may "incur" whatsoever, such as but not limited to: import/export fees and duties, installation and setup fees, damages caused by product, professional services, or legal fees.
  • We sell professional products that are intended for professional installation and professional "initial setup" by a qualified water service professional (licensed) who is experienced in installing the product you have purchased.   Most of our manufacturers have asked us to tell you to have these systems "installed by a qualified water service professional".
  • For any product returned, you must call us at 210-568-3628  to obtain the correct return address of the manufacturer.  Do not send products to us unless asked to.  
  • So that we may not increase your delivery costs above what we are being charged, the Customer is solely responsible for all shipping costs on all deliveries and all returns.
  • Customer is responsible for inspecting all products upon delivery for shipping damage and concealed damage.
  • Shipping Damage and Concealed Damage must be reported within 3 business days, but preferably the same day as the delivery.  Inspect goods for shipping damage immediately upon arrival, and refuse the shipment and file a Damage Claim with the delivery carrier before calling us.  Take a digital photo of the damage if possible.
  • ALL refunds are given solely at the discretion of the manufacturers.  All returned products WILL be carefully analyzed by the manufacturs to determine if it has been damaged in any way, damaged during installation, damaged during transportation, or operated under improper conditions, and any refund determined to be due will be issued by the manufacturer at the conclusion of the analysis.  Misapplication of the product, Damage from overpressure, water pressure spikes, improper water conditions, and installation damage do not qualify for a refund.
  • Some manufacturers may potentially disqualify people from a warranty if the product was not professionally installed.  This is especially true for water softeners, backwashing carbon filters, backwashing oxidation systems, and industrial ro systems, which should be professionally installed by a qualified water service professional.


The Usual Disclaimer of Liability for ALLproducts:

  •  For all products: Janerotech is not responsible or financially liable for any water damage, property damage, or personal injury, direct or indirect, that may occur from: normal and correct use of the products we sell, catastrophic failure of the products we sell, failure to properly connect the units to the water supply lines, and failure to understand and observe the proper water pressure ratings and requirements for these units.  Use and install all of our products solely at your own risk. Do not expose any of these units to freezing temperatures (<33 degrees F) or direct sunlight (UV rays).
  • All plumbing work and connecting of these units to the water supply is done at your own risk.  Most of our products are intended for professional installation and/or  professional "initial setup". This is especially important when installing under sink units, all reverse osmosis units, home water softeners, all backwashing units, and whole house water filter systems - which are always connected to a high pressure water line. Always check all connections for leaks periodically.  We are not responsible for any leaks or water damage whatsoever.
  • We are not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from the use or catastrophic failure of these products.   Use all products at your own risk.
  • For all of our products determination of product suitability, the application use of the product, and the fitness of a product for a particular purpose is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Buy and Use at your own risk.
  • Electrical Products: For all electrical products use only as directed and follow all of manufacturers directions and warnings.  For your safety, always plug only into a properly installed GFCI outlet.  If you don't have one, then get one.  We are not responsible for any property damage or personal injury, incidental or consequential, that may arise from the use or failure of any of our products.
  • UV Disinfection Systems:  Although these units are proven to be highly effective when functioning correctly and operated according to the manufacturer's directions and operating parameters (including 95% UV transmittance of the water), ALL of the manufacturers make a legal disclaimer that these systems are not to be used for drinking "infectious water", so we will pass that disclaimer on to you.  Use all UV systems at your own risk.
  • Water Filtration/Conditioning Products: All water filters, water filter cartridges, RO membranes, specialty cartridges, and water conditioning products used for human (or animal) contact or consumption are intended to be used to improve the quality of safe and potable non-infectious non-polluted drinking water.  Use at your own risk.
  • Information Disclaimer:  We really do care about you.  All information, product claims, and statements are made in good faith and believed to be true, and are offered for your evaluation and verification only.  For all of our products determination of suitability, application use, and fitness for a particular purpose is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Due to the almost infinite number of parameters and variables that are involved with your particular application, water quality, and operating conditions, we can only suggest what we believe would work well for your application based on our interpretation of what you tell us.  If you do not get the exact results that you wanted or expected, it is not our fault, it is solely your responsibility.


Secure Encrypted Payment Option for Custom Orders:

   For custom verbal orders of any type we can create a custom configured "Add To Cart" button in this area with your name next to it, for example: "Custom Order for Jo Lan." 

  • The Add To Cart button next to your name will open a standard secure shopping cart for you that simply shows that you have (1) "Custom Verbal Order" in it for the exact custom price that you were told over the phone.  Texas sales tax will be added during checkout if shipping to Texas.
  • This allows you to go through a normal secure checkout process and pay for your order using Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, PayPal, or Debit Card using a secure heavily encrypted shopping cart, instead of verbally giving us that information through the telephone, which we don't keep anyways.
  • No one else can EVER see the contents of your order, because it is generically described simply as a "custom verbal order" followed by a dollar amount.
  • All the required fields are still blank.  NO personal information of yours is EVER viewable by anyone.
  • We only use the first few letters of your name. For example: John Lancaster = "Jo Lan_"
  • To complete your order click on the Add To Cart button, next to your name and "check out" as normal. 
  • It's totally secure.  Not even we can view your credit card information.
  • The encryption level that we use on this secure process is higher than what a lot of other other merchants commonly use.
  • Can also be used to pay for ANY orders from Janerotech Inc. including our other website!
  • After you pay for your order, the custom "Add To Cart" button we created for you will be permanently deleted.
  • Call us at 210-568-3628 with any questions.


  • To pay for your order now, simply click on the Add To Cart button next to your name and "check out" as normal. 

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